Styles in Judaica Art

July 14, 2020

Styles in Judaica art have changed throughout the ages. Although my parents and grandparents have bought traditional detailed paintings, that is not what the young crowd is attracted to. It can be difficult to find the right painting for your home.

Interior Design

How interior design effects which Judaica art is purchased

Much of the reason that styles in Judaica art have shifted is because of the drastic change in house designs. Old houses tend to be painted using warm hues like yellow and beige. They also tend to have a lot of furniture that is also warm in color. These houses typically bring out the beauty of intricate and colored paintings.

The newer modern houses tend to be minimalistic in design and cool in color. These modern homes boast white or grey walls with very little furniture. Contemporary or modern styled Judaic paintings are all the rage for such houses.

Where to Purchase the Right Style Art for Your Home

It’s hard to purchase art that fits your style and home decor. Faigy’s Judaic Art Gallery is an online gallery featuring the work of many Jewish artists. Faigy’s Judaic Art Gallery makes it possible to search through many different styles of art all at once! We provide the most efficient way to browse all kinds of styles in Judaica art. In our gallery we are committed to helping you find the right piece for your specific taste and style home!

Judaic Art Styles

Judaic art styles may have changed over time, but you must consider your personal taste and home style when purchasing art. Give a good look at the coloring and decor of your home before choosing a piece of art. Make sure the the piece will beautify your space. A painting should bring out the beauty of the room it’s in. Make sure that you get the most beautiful work of art for your home!!

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    1. Hi, Thank you for commenting! This is a photo of a painting that I made. 🙂 I am an artist and have recently begun to sell my art. I only use my art when I blog. I never thought of giving credit to myself however, you may be right and it would probably look better if I did give credit to myself so that others do not think that I took it from another artist.

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