Most Common Scenes in Jewish paintings

July 5, 2020

Have you ever wondered what is the most common scenes painted by Jewish artists? Our culture and religion is so rich with ideas for artists. The question is which are the most common scenes in Jewish paintings.

The Kotel in Jewish Paintings

Hands down, the kotel is the most common focus in Judaic art. Many artists feel that the epitome of Jewish heritage and culture can be portrayed through this holy site. It is amazing how many variations artists have found to portray this holy site! It’s amazing to see how many kotel paintings can be found in any Jewish art gallery! Check out Faigy’s Judaic Art Gallery and see how many we have in our gallery!

Chassidim Dancing in Judaic Art

A very close second to the kotel is dancing chassidim. There are so many gorgeous variations of chassidim dancing! The movement is usually tangible the art! In Faigy’s Judaic Art Gallery there are a whole bunch of pieces of art displaying the joyous dancing! I love dancing chassidim because they bring out such joy and happiness.

Krias Yam Suf in Judaic Art

Krias yam suf is another one of the Most common scenes in Jewish paintings. The gorgeous waves and beauty of the miracle are a feeling that artists tap into and bring out. Krias yam suf was such an awesome moment in our Jewish history. Showing the beauty through art is natural!

Jewish Wedding Scenes in Judaic Art

Wedding scenes have been drawn for years! Gorgeous chuppahs, pristine bride, and handsome grooms are a given! Lively musicians and happy relatives are all drawn to perfection! There is nothing like a great wedding scene to bring happiness to a home!

Most Common Scenes in Judaic Art

There are so many popular scenes protrayed in Judaic art. The kotel, chassidim, krias yam suf, and weddings are just a few! Hachnosas sifrei torah, Jerusalem, Rachel’s tomb, the tower of David, candle sticks, and gedolim are but a few of the gorgeous Judaic paintings you can buy!

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