How to Find New Jewish Artists

June 24, 2020

Are you looking for inexpensive art and wondering how you can find new Jewish artists? There are so many talented new Jewish artists out there it can be difficult to find them though. If you are looking for quality Judaic artwork, but don’t want to pay the price, look for those new artists.

Websites for New Jewish Artists

Faigy’s Judaic Art Gallery is the best way to find new Jewish artists. Faigy has a website that features many new artists’ Judaic artwork. Her website offers the most comprehensive way for collectors to shop. Check out her website to see the latest pieces for sale from talented artists around the world.

Finding New Jewish Artists Through Social Media

Many new artists look to social media outlets as a means to publicize their Judaic art work. Facebook, instagram, and WhatApp groups are a few venues preffered by new artists. I find it easiest to find new Jewish artists using instagram. I will use a hashtag like #newjewishartist to find a new artist. After I get one artist the rest is simple. Many new artists simply follow each other, take a look at who the artist is following, as well as the artists followers. You are sure to fine a whole bunch of artists by repeating this process.

Israeli Judaic Artists

Another great place to find inexpensive quality art is in Israel. There are so many Jewish artists selling their Judaic artwork for very reasonable prices. Tfat is a city that is swamped by Judaic art from super talented artists. Many artists also sell their work in the holy city of Jerusalem. If you are ever visiting Israel, make sure to look out fro the piece of your dreams.

How to Find New Judaic Artists

There are many ways you can find new Jewish artists. By simply chicking out Faigy’s Judaic Art Gallery, scrolling through instagram, or hoping on a plane to Israel. Either method you choose, inexpensive Judaic art is within your reach.

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